Acoustic Walls
Acoustical Walls

Commercial Acoustic Walls

Multiple studies have shown that unwanted noise is a major cause of high stress in the workplace, decreased employee effectiveness, and not being satisfied with the job. It’s easy to see the issue when you know that about 98 percent of the noise that strikes the wall (drywall) bounces back into your room and can distract, disrupt, and disturb.

Eliminate Stress

To combat stress, an acoustic board can be made using sound-absorbing materials. It will offer sound insulation if the wall is porous, and it is placed between the two outer walls. Therefore, sounds that pass through the acoustical board will decrease and not reverberate as much.

Wood Wall Panels


Metal Wall Panels


Fiberglass Acoustic Walls

Fiberglass Acoustical

Soundsoak Fabric Acoustical Panels

Soundsoak Fabric

Translucent Wall Panels


Promote Employee Satisfaction

This is essential for your employees because they need to be able to concentrate while they work. You may also find that customer satisfaction is improved, too. When customers call in, they don’t want to hear a lot of background noise. It makes you sound unprofessional and makes them wonder if you’re the right person for the job.

Never again will you have to worry about those noises bleeding through the phone or bouncing around and distracting your employees. Acoustic walls are an excellent addition to your commercial space. Contact us today with your project specifications.

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