Mineral Fiber & Fiberglass Ceilings
Ceiling Tiles - Mineral Fiber & Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles

Mineral Fiber & Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles

You will find that fiberglass and mineral fiber materials can vary significantly in price because of the CAC and NRC components of the tiles. We tend to price these materials in dollars per square foot. The general price range for this ceiling tile type is between $0.90 and $9.00 per square foot.

Find Your Right Aesthetic

Our mineral fiber ceiling tiles come in a variety of styles, textures, designs, and weights. You’ll find complex and fissured Cortega, as well as smooth surfaces that are innovative from Calla. With this, you’ll have the right acoustical and aesthetic properties.

Many commercial spaces, such as hospitals, dental offices, administrative offices, and schools, need to rely on sound reflectivity and absorbency. Armstrong Fiberglass and Mineral Fiber materials offer this.