Burke Interiors - Contractors

We Love Partnering With Contractors

We understand that our job wouldn’t be complete without contractors. They are the heart and soul of our work. Though we can install any of the products we sell, we understand that you may have someone particular in mind with which to work. Therefore, we make ourselves available to their needs and concerns.


Love a good deal? We offer discounts for our partnered contractors.

Your Satisfaction is Our Top Priority

If your contractor has a question about our materials or on how to install them, we can walk them through the process and are happy to do so. Our primary goal is that you are satisfied with our service and their work. It’s a partnership that drives us forward, as well as the contractor.

Because they choose to secure a partnership with us and rely on our experience when it comes to suspended ceilings and acoustical performance, we don’t take this lightly. This is beneficial for everyone involved.

We Value Relationships

Any contractors who would like to partner with us may do so. It’s our hope that we can further our relationships and network with like-minded individuals. Please contact us today about pricing so that we can negotiate and welcome you into the team.

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