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It is essential that commercial, educational, and institutional buildings have ways to control excess noise. You may find that speech privacy is a concern, or you’d like the employees to be more productive. Both may suffer when the noise around them is too much. Acoustic ceilings require two very distinct properties: CAC and NRC.

Reduce the Noise

CAC represents the attenuation class of a material. It is a single number rating that represents a ceiling system’s efficiency as a barrier to airborne sound transmission between adjacent closed spaces that share a common air plenum. NRC is an acronym for noise reduction. This value helps to determine how the material will dampen the sound when it hits. Many times, NRC and CAC conflict with each other. To be considered high performance, CAC levels should be greater than 35, while NRC levels should be more than 0.70.

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Of course, you may be considering the restoration of a building. This will require you to update and replace the ceiling tiles, which might have been discontinued over the years. Burke Interior Ceilings is the top location to find out which Armstrong ceiling tiles have been out of production. We can also help you find the most appropriate replacement tiles based on your needs.

Commercial Ceiling Tile Installation for Edmonton Offices

We can handle any commercial project, regardless of size. From distributing individual tile cartons to installing whole drop ceilings with ceiling tiles and suspension grids for Edmonton offices and commercial spaces. You’ll find we can supply the materials to the contractors or take care of the ceiling tiles as well as installation ourselves. We’re glad to lend you our insight and expertise, so please contact us today regarding your project.

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