Wood Ceilings
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Wood Ceiling Tiles

Wood ceilings can range in shape and complexity. You’ll find acoustic wood beams and slotted woodwork paneling, as well as others. Our products are priced using the dollar per square foot option. Typical ranges for wooden ceiling tiles are between $25 and $50.00 per square foot.

Add Natural Flavour

We find that wood ceilings can offer more natural flavour and color to an office space and can be an alternative to millwork. Though millwork has its benefits, it could be unreliable and is likely to raise costs without providing more acoustical benefits.

Keep in mind that products are subject to availability, and most of them will have to be ordered. You’ll need to give us lead time here. We’re available to supply to your contractor or install it ourselves and handle residential and commercial projects. We’re here to lend you our insight and expertise, so call us with the details.

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