Wood Wall Panels
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Wood Wall Panels

You’ll find a variety of custom and standard wood species, panel sizes, perforation options, and stains. Some of them can be installed vertically or horizontally using splines and clips. Our perforated panels have acoustical backing to reduce vibrations and improve sound quality within your space.

Improve the Sound Quality in Your Space

We choose WoodWorks panels, which offer real veneer over a unique mineral fiber substrate. This creates an acoustical, perforated, lightweight panel with excellent sound absorption.

The price range for this ceiling tile type is between $26.00 and $49.00 per square foot. Keep in mind that we will likely have to order the products, and they’re subject to availability. This means you will need to give us lead time. However, we can supply to your contractor directly or install the products ourselves. Please contact us with information about your project to get started.

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