Create the Perfect Acoustic Control Using Mineral & Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles

Create the Perfect Acoustic Control Using Mineral & Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles

2020 Jan 2nd

To manage the acoustic responses of a room choosing the perfect ceiling tile material will be all the difference. Sound absorption is an important factor when deciding the type of ceiling you want to install. Mineral & fiberglass ceiling tiles are one of the best choices as they perform well in both low and high frequencies.

Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles

One of the benefits of mineral fiber ceiling tiles is that they are heavier and denser than the ones made of fiberglass. Because of this feature they are much better at impeding sound travelling from room to room. This feature allows these panels to excel in higher frequency environments. Mineral fiber ceiling tiles will generally have a higher ceiling attenuation class (CAC) and a lower noise reduction coefficient (NRC).

Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles

Installing fiberglass ceiling tiles will be more effective in keeping a room quiet than mineral fiber. The low-density feature of fiberglass panels adds the benefit of being extremely resistant to moisture and resistant to sagging. While you get these benefits, there is the drawback of the density being lower making it more difficult to contain the sound within the room. These fiberglass ceiling tiles will generally have a high NRC with the CAC being on the low end.

Which is Right for You?

These two types of ceiling panels both have their benefits and drawbacks. It doesn’t have to be a one or the other situation though. Design professionals can maximize their control over the acoustics of a room by combining a sound-absorbing panel with one that will be able to halt the sound waves from escaping. When these two types of panels are used together, they provide the highest quality of acoustic control. If acoustics are at the top of your priority list take advantage of these two working together to achieve an excellent result.

Get Your Sound Just Right

If you’re designing a room and need to make sure the acoustics are perfect look no further than the combination of mineral & fiberglass ceiling tiles. Our experts will help you choose the best panels for your project and make sure that you’re satisfied with the final result. Contact us today to get started!