Looking Deeper on Cortega 769 Ceiling Tiles

Looking Deeper on Cortega 769 Ceiling Tiles

2021 Feb 5th

To meet the needs of a growing and diverse workspace, the requirements on suspended acoustic ceiling tiles have changed over time. One of the most diverse and robust options for quality noise control in acoustic ceilings is Armstrong's line of Cortega ceiling tile. 

Cortega 769 Ceiling Tiles

Cortega is a mineral fiber ceiling tile that offers a medium-textured, economical solution with standard acoustical absorption. Cortega 769 ceiling tile comes in a rectangular shape, following the standard 24 inch by 48 inch (2 x 4 foot) variety, with a thickness of 5/8 inches. Further, Cortega 769 has an NRC of 0.55 with a CAC of 35 - making it an excellent option for standard acoustical performance while maintaining a budget. 

Cortega 769 ceiling tiles come in a 96 square foot carton, with 12 pieces total. This acoustic ceiling tile fits to conform with Armstrong Prelude 15/16 inch Exposed T-Bar suspension. Cortega 769 ceiling tile has a Class A (UL) Fire rating with a light reflectance of 80%.