SoundScapes Blades - A New Way Forward in Acoustic Design

SoundScapes Blades - A New Way Forward in Acoustic Design

2021 Nov 1st


Newly crafted and intricately designed SoundScapes Blades are a featured product from Armstrong World Industries - the leader in high performance and economically sound acoustical designs. These new Blades are acoustical vertical panels that reduce reverberation time in your space, now with three ways to install on ceilings and walls. Acoustical absorption is important to reduce noise levels and reverberation time and enhance speech eligibility.

As we move forward into a more green and efficent work space, there is no better option for intelligent acoustical design than SoundScapes Blades.


SoundScapes Blades offers virtually unlimited design options through a variety of shapes, depths, colors and installation options. SoundScapes Blades panels offer many benefits: 
Three installation options for maximum design flexibility:

  • Attach to standard 15/16" suspension system 
  • Suspend individually using a hanging kit 
  • Direct-attach to both ceilings AND walls using Axiom Wall Molding 
  • Hundreds of design combinations 
  • Excellent sound absorption – 1.38 Sabins/SF
    • Sound absorption is measured in Sabins. A Sabin is the unit of total sound absorption provided by a “space absorber” such as a cloud, canopy, blade, or baffle installed within an architectural space.


Straight or wavy, intersecting or parallel, monochromatic or multi-colored – the design options with Blades are vast. SoundScapes Blades can be stylized through a linear or "straight" layout, using regular installation methods such as Direct-Attach & Suspension Systems; as well as Horizontal Wave, Vertical Wave, Valley & Chandelier Layouts. SoundScapes Blades offers as much variety as you can imagine for your future creative space