The Power of Clean Design - WoodWorks Vector

The Power of Clean Design - WoodWorks Vector

2021 Nov 2nd

Clean, Modern Aesthetic

WoodWorks Vector ceiling tile is a fully accessible set of wood panels that are available in multiple options for acoustical and aesthetic needs. For the buildings that require a more modern design with clean lines and natural illumination, WoodWorks Vector enables a space to seem larger and more capable for the needs of that space. 

'Vector' refers to how the tiles sit in the ceiling grid system. With standard square lay-in tiles, as well as tegular edged material, the individual tiles are required to be inserted above the grid, and laid down onto the grid edging. This can be problematic if there is insufficient space to insert tile due to mechanical ventilation or plumbing. Vector enable a ceiling tile to be inserted alongside the grid, snapping to position through grooves in the tile.

There are many design considerations when working with WoodWorks Vector, as there are both perforated and unperforated tiles, enabling both high acoustic properties for sound absorption, as well as sound reflection. The six main design styles are Unperforated; Round Straight Perforation; Round Diagonal Perforation; Oval Straight Slotted Perforation & Single-Oval Straight Slotted Perforation.

Architectural Considerations

Variation among panels may occur due to the natural characteristics of the wood and grain. It is very important that WoodWorks panels are climatized prior to installation. Different panel sizes should not be installed together. Perforated panel borders will vary (length and width) based on perforation selection and panel size. 

WoodWorks Vector has ASTM E84 surface burning characteristics with a Flame Spread Index of 25 or less. Vector edge detail provides safe and secure downward accessibility without tools and narrow reveal visual. This enables installation with minimum plenum clearance.

At a glance:

  • Vector edge detail provides safe and secure downward accessibility without tools and installs on 15/16" exposed tee suspension for narrow reveal visual (1/4")
  • CLEANASSURE family of products – includes disinfectable panels, suspension systems, and trim
  • Available in a variety of sizes, perforations, and finishes
  • Create upturns for continuous visuals and clouds with WOODWORKS Trim
  • Panels are FSC-certified and USDA BioPreferred Products with 100% Biobased content (key for government projects).
  • Coordinating WoodWorks walls are available
  • Installation with minimum plenum clearance (Vector)
  • Shorter lead times and lower cost than custom millwork